Traveling the Netherlands: Jill & Co Lifestyle N°1

Happy Sunday! My mom and I have quite a few things in common – but one passion that we both share is the love to interior design. Both her and I search blogs all the time for entertainment and inspiration, though she looks more into interior than me (I go more for food and fashion I would say). She’s been telling me about this one shop that all interior bloggers from Germany seem to have gone too and that it’s a must see. So today we decided to drive over to Holland to find exactly that store (and a few little other ones). It’s only about a 45min drive away from Düsseldorf, which makes it a jump more or less. The store really was amazing. I love this kind of style and I wish my whole apartment had that vibe. Of course I couldn’t leave the shop without the one or two (or maybe three) pieces for my own little apartment in Zurich. And I’ve decided: I will need to renovate one of my rooms (my creative room) for sure. And with for sure, I mean for sure. I’ve been pushing it too long now and it bothers me. So that’s my personal side project for the next upcoming weeks.

I’ve taken quite a few pictures today at Jill & Co lifestyle (the shop) and thought I’d share a few with you. I’ll post more some other time and of course also share my findings with you in the near future. So stay posted on that! xo








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