Bunless Burger w/ Tomato Salsa

Happy Saturday guys! I’m back at it – yep, cooking again. The past days I’ve been sleeping mostly due to a fever and general flu that really kept me in bed most hours of the day. In general, I have the feeling I haven’t properly cooked in forever – weeks at the least. I have been in an ugh mood, and quite honestly, I’ve been absolutely anti-eating these few weeks. Not that I didn’t eat, but I’ve gone through a phase where I just didn’t feel like anything. Horrible! So today I finally went grocery shopping which entailed more than a few apples and the boring old salad. I decided on a bunless burger with tomato salsa, some fresh avocado and a tinsy bit of salad. Other than the fact that I love my food looking aesthetic and a bit artsy, my dad (whom is home this weekend for once) gave his biggest approval concerning the tastiness.

Since I’m still not all in health wise,Β I’ll take it rather slow this weekend – hence, no going out for any parties. Instead, dad and I will go to the movies (I think I haven’t been in at least a year!) to watch ‘London has fallen’ – which has some of my favorite actors playing in it and looks like hellofa good action movie. I’ll let you know how it was!

If you’re interested in this oh-so-yummy, slightly spicy tomato salsa, I’ll share the recipe with you right now. You can of course eat it whilst still warm, though I personally prefer it cooled down – and swear that the taste intensifies and gets better with every hour of cooling.

What you need

4 fresh medium-sized tomatos
1 handful of fresh basil

1 fresh chili
1 medium-sized onion
3 tablespoons olive oil
1-2 tablespoon honey (whichever one you prefer)
1 tablespoon tomato pasteΒ 
1 teaspoon spicy paprika powder
pepper & salt

What to do

1) wash the tomatoes and take off the stem – now cut it into bite-size squares
2) peel the onion and chop it up into small pieces
3) wash the chili, and chop it into pieces (you want to make sure to take out the seeds to avoid it being too spicy)
4) in a small cooking pot / or medium-sized pan, heat up the olive oil
5) once heated, add the onion and tomato paste – you want to roast it gently for a couple of minutes
6) now add ΒΎ of the cut up tomatoes, the chili, the honey and spicy paprika powder – stir it through well, turn down the heat to a minimum and let it slightly cook for 30 minutes
7) whilst cooking, chop up the basil
8) after 30 minutes, stir it through well, take it off the heat, add the rest of the tomatoes, add a handful of basil and let it cool off
9) after another 10 – 15 minutes you can add a bit of salt & pepper to finish off the taste as you like

Now you can

1) serve it directly
2) add more honey if its too spicy – or more paprika powder if its not enough
3) place it in the fridge and let it sit for a couple of hours

If you leave it in a sealed large jar in the fridge, the salsa will stay good for 4-5 days. The portion on the photos shows about half of what you get from the recipe – the rest will be used for tomorrows dinner.

Now I need to quickly change and get ready – off to the movies! Have a lovely Saturday night loves! xo






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