Avocado Mint Ranch Dressing

Hey there lovelies! I admit to having become slightly addicted to trying out new things in the kitchen. I actually made this avocado-mint dressing already on the weekend to top off my salads and dishes during the week – it’s all about preparing and efficient time management! I barely have time during the week to try out new recipes at home at night and once I do find time, I admit to finding myself lazily lying on the couch and watching some tv. During the week everything needs to be pre-planned and shouldn’t take longer than 20-30 minutes until I can eat. Thus, I try preparing some of my foods in advance. If all fails, there is always a restaurant right around the corner .. :)

Monday evening I actually went on a wine-tasting event with my lovely friend here in Zurich – have I mentioned that I love wine? If not, I surely do! We finished the evening off with a dinner and then I worked a little more on my studies at home. Tonight I am hoping to grill – as the weather is supposed to be fantastic – and then I can hopefully go to bed a little earlier than the past nights. I will drive down  to Düsseldorf tomorrow morning and stay there one night before, finally, leaving to Hamburg on Friday until Sunday. I haven’t seen my besties, friends and family in so long it almost hurts!  So please bare with me, should I not find much time to post – I will try my best though! Sunday night I will return to Düsseldorf to then watch my dog at my parents place for one week before then slowly coming back to Zurich – and it will already be May. Damn, how fast the time flies sometimes!

Now to the actual recipe:



What you need

1 lime
A small handful of fresh mints
1 ripe avocado
½ cup of almond milk
a hint of sea salt

What to do

1) Pick some fresh mint (or open the package) and wash it through thoroughly 
2) place the mint leafs into a blender and blend until small
3) add the flesh of 1 avocado and the juice of one small lime; now blend
4) add the almond mild and a hint of sea salt, now again: blend
you should end up with a creamy, fresh ranch dressing

Voila, now you can

1) place it into a jar and decorate it with some fresh mint, or
2) serve it with some salad or use it for dipping in some vegetable stripes and enjoy!

Make sure to add #StylePhantomrecipes when trying out the recipe yourself and displaying it on Instagram or similar and I will surely check it out! xo



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