What is StylePhantom?

And who stands behind all this?

What, Why & Who?

What exactly is StylePhantom?

StylePhantom is the result of combining style with an illusion. A Phantom as such is non-existing, an imagination and more or less without definition. Personally, I believe there is no instruction manual to finding the perfect stlye, there is no right or wrong and one cannot decide what another one hates or loves. I myself, am in the middle of finding my own style, chasing a phantom of my own. With StylePhantom I want to share my journey with you and show you some insights of my life. This life is filled with trying to find my personal style regarding fashion, food, interior, beauty, travel and all things making me smile.

Who am I?

I wish I could give you a precise answer. A bullet-proof, short little paragraph on myself. In fact, this is the one thing on earth I cannot do. Like I previously mentioned, I am still in the middle of finding myself.

I am deep thinker. I am the one who will sit back and stay quiet and then throw a bunch of burning questions at you. I love listening to stories of others, love learning from history, love experiencing myself, giving advise if my friends seek it and being there for the ones I truly value. I believe in standing up after you have fallen down and I believe that every relationship one has (friends, partner, or family) should be of highest value.

Cutting this short: I am probably the most normal human-being out there, unique in my own ways. I am a girl in her early twenties. I do have my doubts every single day, I do make mistakes and I am far from perfect, but I also know that believing in yourself is by far the most important thing one can do and achieve.

Stay true to yourself. Be humble. Don't try to fit in, and don't try to stick out either. Be your true self. That is, what I try to accomplish on a day to day basis. I am on a pathway of finding myself, love styling everything around me, and am willing and happy to share my journey with you.

If you have any questions that I left unanswered or that is of burning interest to you, don't hesitate to shoot me any questions via the contact form or directly on a post. I will do my best to answer you as quick as I can.