Those pouts

Happy Sunday loves! It’s been a crazy long weekend. I was out with a friend on Friday for spontaneous drinks and was hoping to be home early. Well, figures I came home at 2.30am. Same thing with yesterday – after a full day of studies I left in the evening for a goodbye party and clubbing afterwards. I was so exhausted when I got there that I thought I’d never manage the evening. Well, turns out I went over the point of tiredness and partied until 4.30am this morning! Sadly I couldn’t sleep in much because I always wake up semi-early. Tonight will surely be an early one for me though. I feel like I’ve become to old for this – and honestly, I probably shouldn’t even be saying that.

As most of you have noticed I have this thing for pouts. Honestly, as soon as my selfie camera comes into play or someone puts a lense in my direction – I pout. And as much as I love some of those smile pictures, I usually still pout. I swear it’s a characteristic I can’t get rid of. But what I’m getting at is that I always place a lot of focus on the face (lips, eyes, brows – the whole game). I’ve gotten a little lazy these days with make-up, though tried fake lashes the first time last night (and generally got really into applying some more!). Pretty damn nice when you open those fully lashed eyes!

For that perfect pout I found a new product on the market that just about enhances it to perfection. It’s a lip filling serum, called Vivi Lips N°1, and I really got a hook on it. It doesn’t give me those Kylie lips just yet (maybe luckily), but it surely does fill the lips a bit, makes them plumper and less folds (wrinkles?) appear. After application you notice a little tingle on your lips and voila – give it 10-15 minutes and you start seeing a slight yet natural difference. Oh, and it’s a swiss made – which I always appreciate. We live in a world where almost nothing is “home” made anymore when it comes to products and most of my products probably come from some Asian country. So if there is one thing I always enjoy investing in, it’s a product from where I live. So I thought I’d share my finding with you on this lazy sunday (though I admit, I can’t even sit still today). With that, I’ll jump off to start cleaning a bit and wish you a great end to the weekend. xo




Looking for INS/PO

Thursday night already! Means we are so close to Friday – and let me say, I am so happy to sleep in this weekend. I’ve gone to bed way too late these past nights due to work and studying on the constant. Tonight was a more relaxed evening in front of the TV and surfing the net for some more inspiration (my favorite when I have time). One new website I certainly have on my list is the new INS/PO by Rami Hanna. I’ve been following his blog previously for some time and since a couple of weeks/months he’s had the heading PAUSE on stand-by. Now he’s finally back online (yes – outing myself as a fan) and I love his new website. As the name portrays it already, it offers lots of inspiration and I am already hooked. Something to look at more often!

Now I’ll try having an early night – time to get under the covers. Till then, wishing you a great Friday and starting weekend. xo




Traveling the Netherlands: Jill & Co Lifestyle N°1

Happy Sunday! My mom and I have quite a few things in common – but one passion that we both share is the love to interior design. Both her and I search blogs all the time for entertainment and inspiration, though she looks more into interior than me (I go more for food and fashion I would say). She’s been telling me about this one shop that all interior bloggers from Germany seem to have gone too and that it’s a must see. So today we decided to drive over to Holland to find exactly that store (and a few little other ones). It’s only about a 45min drive away from Düsseldorf, which makes it a jump more or less. The store really was amazing. I love this kind of style and I wish my whole apartment had that vibe. Of course I couldn’t leave the shop without the one or two (or maybe three) pieces for my own little apartment in Zurich. And I’ve decided: I will need to renovate one of my rooms (my creative room) for sure. And with for sure, I mean for sure. I’ve been pushing it too long now and it bothers me. So that’s my personal side project for the next upcoming weeks.

I’ve taken quite a few pictures today at Jill & Co lifestyle (the shop) and thought I’d share a few with you. I’ll post more some other time and of course also share my findings with you in the near future. So stay posted on that! xo







Soft Carrot Cake

Happy September everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely start into the new month. Punctually with the change came the rain, sadly. It surely seems like autumn has arrived now and I doubt that we will have another heat wave flying over Zurich (though I wouldn’t mind a little more summer).

If there is one thing I love doing on rainy days it’s baking. As much as I have loved the summer heat waves, turning on the oven was a pain.. So here’s to the more chill days coming up! I love good carrot cakes, and with good I mean free of gluten and lactose, soft and spongy. This cake is exactly that – it really tastes amazing when warm (also good when cooled down), but tastes amazing when re-heated a minute or two in the microwave. So really, it’s one of those comforting foods when everything starts getting dull with the constant rain or for late autumn. It should be getting sunnier again this weekend but I am flying to Germany later tonight and sadly the weather hasn’t favored me over there! But now,.. to the recipe.

What you need

3 cups of freshly grated carrots (around 450 g)
1 ½ cups brown sugar
1 cup olive oil (or any other vegetable oil if you don’t like the taste)
2 cups gluten free flour
4 fresh medium eggs
2 tsp baking powder
2-3 tsp cinnamon (3 if you love cinnamon like me)
a hint of salt

What to do

1) pre-heat the oven to around 180°C
2) make sure to grate the carrots upfront and add those into the bowl first
3) add the sugar, oil, and one cup of flour – now blend it well
4) add the rest of ingredients one by one and mix well until everything is blended well
5) the dough should taste a little sweet yet oily at first
6) put the dough into a baking dish and leave it in for 45-60 min
7) make sure to check on the cake from time to time – if no dough sticks to the toothpick (or something similar), the cake is ready!
8) give the cake a good rest of at least 20 minutes – this way it won’t break

Now you can

1) eat it whilst it’s still a little warm, served with a hot cup of tea or coffee
2) let it fully cool down and enjoy it in the warmth (inside or outside)
3) re-heat it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes if you prefer it warm

The cake will easily last you a week when kept in the fridge and several weeks when kept in the freezer.



With that, I wish you some happy-food-thoughts!