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Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a bit more sleep than I did – in fact, I did’t sleep at all yesterday and only took an hour long nap today. I’ll surely fall into bed early today! We went to a great openair yesterday up on a hill in Zürich (Uetliberg), continued in a club and then I stayed up the rest of the night talking to a friend. At 9 I jumped up to shower and got ready for a lovely brunch with two of my besties! But enough about my party weekend (I am so thankful tomorrow is a holiday!) – here is a little something from London last week.

I was in London from Monday to Friday for work and my days were literally packed with meetings, conferences and afterwork networking. Although it was super exhausting and I surely did not receive enough sleep, I absolutely love those days filled with meeting new people and establishing a broad network. My colleague and I tried to walk as much as possible from meeting to meeting when possible, which enabled me to discover some new parts of London again. I absolutely loved the Burlington Arcade – the shops are stunning to look at (sadly, I didn’t have much time to shop – except for some business blouses), and the Chanel perfume boutique was stunning to look at.

Next to all those lovely boutiques, which are seemingly missing in Zurich to some extend, I love the architecture in London. There are so many fusions of old and new – establishing a perfect balance of keeping the traditional buildings and establishing room for the new ones. We were so lucky with the weather as well! The first day was quite rainy, but the rest of the days were somewhat sunny and only a light coat was enough – luckily, because I had nothing else with me (coat wise).  I don’t want to ramble on – as I might be overly tired as well and write nonsense otherwise :-)

Wishing you all a great Sunday evening! xo









Bookspiration: Interior

Hello from London my loves! If you’ve been followig me on Instagram you might already know that I flew to London on Monday morning (7am flight – wayy too early). The days are super, super filled with meetings, lunches, dinners, conferences, and more meetings. I am here for business until Friday evening and as time-consuming and busy as it is, I still love it. I love this city, I love the hectic times (though appreciate the calmness in Zurich), love the people & meeting new ones daily, the accent, and I love my job. Sounds a little too romantic, huh? So this morning I got up at 5.45am to have a breakfast meeting at 7am, before the conference starts at 8.30 am, but I wanted to give you a small update on how things are going and send you a sign of life with this mini-post. I just finished dressed and now need to finish my make-up before running to Crowne Plaza for our breakfast meeting!

Here is to some more bookspiration I have been looking at lately. I love, love, love those huge books. It’s almost a must to buy and collect them, don’t you think? These are some great interior design books, which is my second love after fashion books. Actually, I have been collection fashion books here and there but never really starting collecting interior design books – something I clearly need to change. My favorite one was probably Move And Work, it’s simply such an eye-catcher, has amazing photography in it and is just such an inspiration. I might need to pull this one up on my wish-list!

Now, off off I go – enjoy your Wednesday everyone! xo





The SPA Brownie

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I am such a sucker for brownies – no need to deny, I could sit myself into these any day, any time! Since I need to watch out about what I eat now (no gluten, no diary, etc), it makes it hard to find brownies that are “allergy-free,” yet still super delicious and easy to make. Now, this is were the SPA brownie comes in: the Sweet Potato Avocado Brownie (how cool is that name, please?)!

Brownies need to be squishy, they need to be super chocolatey, and, in my opinion, are best topped with some fresh berries. I’ve read alot about sweet potate brownies and ones made with avocado in the past months – obviously, Instagram, Pinterest and all the lot is full of healthy indulging at the moment. Never would I have thought though, that the combination of sweet potatoes and avocados can do any good in a brownie. How WRONG was I? So wrong. After again flipping through several pages and pictures on instragram I was convinced – I wanted had to try these as well. So I ran into the kitchen only to find that, once again, I was out of several ingredients that would enable me to take a recipe from someone else. Thought I was going to stop then and there? Never! Instead I took everything I had and starting playing around with ingredients. The result was mouth-watering. No kidding. It’s heavy in chocolate taste, has no refined sugar in it, no butter in it, almost nothing unhealthy – I do admit though, I put a cup of gluten-free flour into it to achieve the right texture (it all comes down to the texture when trying out something new, I swear!).

Before I keep on rambling on about how good they are, I will share with you my recipe to try it for yourself. Please do let me know what you think of it or if you have any other ideas or recipes hidden under your pillow – I am so eager to trying out more recipes like this one! Make sure to throw your link down in the comments box or add #StylePhantomrecipes onto your picture and I shall surely check it out!


What you need

10 dates
1 cup of glutenfree flour
6 teaspoons of raw cacao (use less if you don’t want it SUPER chocolatey)
1 cup of almond milk
2 eggs
1 avocado
1 medium sized sweet potato
2 teaspoons agave syrup
1 cup of (frozen or fresh) rasberries


What to do

1) pre-heat your oven to 200°C 
2) cut your sweet potato in half, wrap it in foil and place it into the oven
3) make sure to set the timer to 30 mins – the sweet potato should be soft and ready for take out
4) pit the dates if they aren’t already and throw them into the blender – they should become gewy (is that a word?)
5) add the eggs, agave syrup, almond milk, avocado and cacao – now blend
6) make sure to take out the potato and let it cool for a couple of minutes
7) add the flour and a hint of seasalt, now blend it again
8) once the potato is a little cooled off, mash it up with a fork (peel first) and throw it into the blender; mix well
9) line your oven tray with baking paper or something similar and let the mixture slide into the tray
10) add the rasberries on top (I squished some further down)
11) place the tray into the oven and take down the heat to 180°C – now wait for approx. 40 minutes, or until nothing is left when poking your brownie with a fork
12) make sure to let the brownies cool before taking it out of the tray and cutting it

Personally, I used my kitchenaid blender for this whole experiement, but it should also work with a normal kitchen machine or even by hand – should be a great arm workout!

If you want

1) it sweeter
– add another 2-3 teaspoons of agave syrup, or
– another 3-4 dates
2) it less sweet (they are not too sweet with the original recipe though)
– don’t use any agave syrup
3) less chocolate

– only use 3-4 teaspoons of raw cacao





Voila, now you can

1) eat it while it’s still warm
2) let it cool down
3) serve it to your guests or indulge over it at midnight
4) keep it in the fridge

The brownies easy stay fresh 5-6 days in a sealed box.







My love for Brinner

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Brinner – aka Breakfast for Dinner – might just be my next favourite meal! I absolutely love breakfast as you already might have noticed, but I could seriously have it for every meal: for breakfast, lunch and dinner again (ok, and maybe some sushi here and there). So Brinner, being a word I recently discovered online, is just about perfect for me. Almost tailor-made! Who said that you can’t have your favourite meal for dinner, too? I say you can – or surely I can.

Now my pride just went a little up last week when I finally, finally managed to make my first poached eggs. It’s no trick really, it’s absolutely simple but it always looked so sophisticated, so modern, so .. hard to make? Well, trust me it really isn’t and it’s surely something that happens to be on my plate every other day since then. In combination with some fresh spinach, this meal becomes a booster for healthy fats, proteins, Vitamin C and lots of Vitamin A – now I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to spoil my body with such a delish meal in the evening.

Now this little perfect meal was inspired by my bestie, whom started her own blog, bitesfortwo, and shares with us her recipes. She might not have everything gluten and diary free (she can eat anything – I might just be jealous!), but she has the perfect portions for two and offers some great inspiration if in need for a quick, nice meal at home.

The perfect poached egg needs only two ingredients

1) egg
2) 1 tablespoon vinegar

How to make poached egg

1) open the egg and place the inside in a cup (I prefer one that is just a little larger in diameter than the yolk)
2) fill a pot with water and add the vinegar to it – now raise up that temperature 
3) just before the water is boiling, it should be sizzling, stir the water well with a spoon until you see a whirl form in the middle of it
4) now quickly, yet gently let your egg into the middle of that whirl
5) keep it in the sizzling water for 3-4 minutes and then fish it out 
6) quickly let the egg dry on a sheet of paper or cloth
7) voila – now you can devote yourself to your Brinner (or any other meal, of course!) 

Personally, I am quite boring with the spinach. I love having it more or less “natural” and steamed – with no added herbs at all. The salt and pepper for the egg is usually enough and, as nasty as it sounds – I love breaking the egg to have the yolk glide over the spinach to mix it all up – so good!

Now all this made me really get in the mood for a nice brinner (ha, my new favorite word!) at home tonight – what do you think of breakfasts for dinner? With that, I wish you a great continuing day! xo


Bookspiration: Fashion

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It’s Monday already – Good Morning! Yes, I agree – I would rather sleep in for another few hours today but work is calling, and it’s calling quite loud this week. Luckily it’s a public holiday on Thursday, so I do have that day free, but all other days are filled with projects, work, and meetings. In days like these, when everything seems to be spinning from all the workload, there is one place I can always calm down and seek more inpsiration. If I’m totally lost, out of inspiration or just want to free my head from all the surrounding things in life, I love going to the bookstore. Yep, bookstore! I love the large Orell Füssli in Zurich – it’s got books about everything: food, style, fashion, interior, lifestyle,.. you name it!

I went there last week to find some inspiration in regards to Fashion and Lifestyle – I might have told you, I’m working on re-decorating some of my rooms and fashion is one of those insprations that I just could never ignore. I wouldn’t necessarily say that my closet resembles my apartment – thankfully, I love black! Obviously not everything is black in my apartment, rather, I love white, white, white, and few earthy tones here and there (such as wood). Instead, I love having my clothes in a contrast to the rest – if I wear black, my surrounding looks best in white and natural, light colors.

I also looked into some of books in regards to interior design – and damn did I fall in love with some of the books there. With my luck, I always find the greatest, largest, heaviest and almost most expensive books, the ones I want need in my collection. So I will surely be going back to that bookstore a few more times in the near future – surely also to get some more inspiration! Do you guys have any tips on where you get inspiration? Yes, Pinterest and the such is surely on my list, but I’ve started looking into some offline inspirations. I feel that I can calm down more with books for example, and since I cannot google 1 million inspirational pictures in a bookstore, which will overwhelm and confuse me surely, I seem to place my concentration much more on details. Time is so valuable, and sometimes it’s just so important to take your time, breathe and enjoy!

With that, I am off to the office quickly and wishing you a wonderful monday! xo